When done right, digital marketing can give amazing results for a company in terms of its brand enhancement, boost in sales, more visitors to the website, and many such benefits.

Harel Avraham Graf being an experienced strategist can work to his best potential in order to get maximum benefits from various digital marketing techniques.


To put it simply digital marketing means advertising goods and services through online mode. Being a cost-effective method it is one thing that must be adopted by every business in order to remain in the market for the long-term.

What does digital marketing necessitate:

  • Analyzing User Data: A loved blessing is given to entrepreneurs from the domains of the digital world and likely the main component of digital marketing, information should frame the actual establishments of all advertising efforts. Understanding what your visitors do when they navigate from an advert or land on your site is the way to progress and that sort of information can disclose to you a ton about the strength of your advert, however the regions of your site that are best and generally incapable.
  • Content: With thousands of adverts every day, consumers will look for the best content and add value to your services if he finds what he has been looking for. If your consumer gets something useful in your content then only he will engage in your website or services more.Permitting your content to talk straightforwardly to the necessities and in this way advantages of the client, rather than just selling your services and mastery as a brand, you make something important; a sensation of need and desperation – putting resources into your image is unavoidably going to profit them here and there.
  • Creative assets: You must have some creative assets that attract the audience to avail for your services like infographics, photos, videos, logos, etc. Creating the impression of your business these tools helps your customers know better about your services.

Benefitting to fullest with adequate marketing strategies of Harel Avraham Graf one can pursue a successful business following online marketing techniques.


An examination introduced by BrightTALK shows that 42 percent of advertising experts discover the absence of value information is their greatest boundary to lead age. With the assistance of a renowned expert, you can acquire a comprehensive perspective on your client excursion and rivalry. Try not to squander your interest in showcasing procedures that don’t convey quantifiable outcomes. Increment your business volume and construct a strong marketing strategy with esteem-driven web showcasing administrations.

Harel Avraham Graf presents goal-oriented advertising solutions that assist organizations with expanding their customer consistency standard and amplify transformation openings.


Flourish for digital marketing strategies like:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Through cautious keyword research and white cap SEO rehearses, a specialist can assist you with accomplishing higher natural rankings and expanded visibility in list items. While performing broad watchword research, leading on-page and off-page enhancement, and following your outcomes with Google Search Console is the key. These practices permit us to pull in excellent leads and traffic and increment your transformations as a feature of your advanced advertising arrangements.
  • Link Building: Acquire a constant flow of traffic from high-authority sites and increment your customers’ trust. Benefiting from paid advertisements, sponsorships, and coordinated efforts to put your page content where compelling individuals will see them is one viable way. Using vital visitors contributing to a blog, distribute interesting, convincing substance, appropriate information-driven info-graphics can help your online media commitment. Along these lines, building quality back-links will drive more deals.
  • Web Designing and Development: Thrive build custom, search engine optimized, and mobile ready that help you meet your business targets and backing your computerized advertising campaigns. marketing specialists use clear invitations to take action and pivoting sliders, work on structure fields and make content for your persona.

Harel Avraham Graf presents a methodical way to guarantee all his marketing endeavors convey beneficial outcomes for the customers.


Digital Marketing Strategy is an arrangement that traces how your business will accomplish its showcasing objectives through online channels like search and social media. Most procedure plans will sum up which online channels and digital advertising strategies you will use, in addition to the amount you will put resources into these channels and strategies.

One needs to understand the importance of these techniques and go for an expert like Harel Avraham Graf whose work can help you yield the best possible results.


Everyone in their articles or blogs tells you about the strategies that work for a business but no one tells you how to create them. So here we are putting some tips on how to create an effective marketing strategy.

  • Specify your Brand: Diagram or utilize your brand rules to characterize your brand and how it’ll come through in your online missions. Consider your remarkable selling focuses, brand voice, and incentive.
  • Develop Smart goals: Utilize explicit, quantifiable, attainable, practical, and opportune objectives (otherwise called Smart objectives) to control your system. Consider your association’s short-and long-haul objectives for development.
  • Define your Budget: Examine digital marketing valuing to assemble a sensible spending plan for your business. For reference, most organizations burn through $2500 to $12,000 each month on web-based advertising.
  • Determine potential buyers: Figure out who your business needs to reach with custom purchaser personas. Consider clients’ socioeconomics, just as the inspirations that drive individuals to pick your organization, items, and administrations.
  • Choose your strategy: Pick the best strategy for your business. Lay stress on the procedures that offer the most incentive for your business and industry, versus popular techniques.
  • Measure Results: Control and evaluate the strategies’ success by monitoring their performance. To keep a pulse on your policies and their return on investment (ROI), use resources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Search Console.

As a professional marketing strategist, Harel Avraham Graf can help you plan out the best ways to be considered while developing a marketing strategy.


Often referred to as online marketing, digital marketing may include several common types of internet advertisement. Digital marketing companies understand how each aspect of digital marketing will contribute to the objectives of a company and develop their services with this in mind. Digital marketing services firms specialize in marketing tools such as display ads, in-game advertising, and different types of content marketing. Harel Graf is one pioneer in the field of online marketing aiming towards result-oriented strategies to achieve the best for the company he works for. Understanding the need for online marketing for companies his plans have always worked to attain the maximum.


Here are some digital marketing types that must be incorporated in business plans:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO works to make your business, like Google and Bing, optimized for search engines. It’s all about getting you up the page rankings of the search engine results to get more exposure for users looking for your website. It decides how equal you are to your rivals for keyword rankings through keyword research and ranking analysis. In order to allow your website to be efficiently browsed, work on optimizing your website and the content on it for search engines, as well as creating quality links both to and from your website.

Content Marketing: This marketing approach is a little different from the previous ones we’ve described. It’s not so much about selling goods and services directly to consumers, but rather producing enriching and useful content that improves the experience of customers. Some of the world’s biggest brands will actively post amusing and insightful blogs, photos, and videos related to their company. It’s what makes your company a brand and what makes your customers like you more, in essence.

Email Marketing: It’s what defines your company as a brand and what makes your clients more like you. Email marketing is a perfect way to meet your clients, connect with them after sales, or even send a newsletter to them. You can make a prospective list of recipients for your mail by using your current mailing list. You need to send the correct email to the right people, whether it’s for remarketing or for informing them of a new blog post.


Harel Graf knowing about these new trends applies them in his marketing strategies for effective output towards the end.


Marketing is the process of communicating with clients to encourage them to purchase a product or subscribe to a service. Marketing, in whatever form, is one of the main activities in which an organization must engage, because, without successful marketing and advertising, no business can thrive.

Harel Graf is one such professional who is highly experienced in the field of online marketing and has proved to improve the company’s marketing position with his great strategies. The world is in a digital age, with millions of individuals investing too much of their time on digital platforms.


Here are some advantages of digital marketing over conventional one:

Cheap: One of the greatest financial pressures that corporations have to bear is publicity and advertisement expenses. Although big corporations do not have too much difficulty doling out millions for marketing and advertisements, this may be difficult or an unbearable nightmare for small companies. Marketing via digital channels provides the conventional approach with a more affordable alternative. They generate as much effect but cost much less.

Huge return on investment: For a business, nothing matters more than the return on the investment it makes. A significant return on small investments is provided by digital marketing. When opposed to conventional marketing strategies, email marketing or running advertising ads on social media sites cost nothing.

Brand Development: To create the brand and prestige of their organization, companies can use their digital channels. A well-developed website, a blog featuring quality and valuable content, a highly engaging social media platform are some of the ways in which a company can create its brand.


Companies are becoming increasingly conscious of this reality and are thus exploiting the success of these channels to market their products and services. Marketing is all about communicating at the right moment with clients in the right place and to achieve a great position you need an expert like Harel Avraham Graf who can develop effective marketing strategies for your company.


If you’re considering a career in digital marketing and want to know what skills you need here we are with a blog answering all your questions. There are several different job positions that come under the very large digital marketing network, all of which require a slightly different skill set. You’ll need to be a strong communicator in general and be imaginative, logical, and technically minded.

Harel Avraham Graf one of the chiefs in online marketing too understands that to be in the field you need more skills than any educational qualification. You get to learn more while the process goes on than you would otherwise.


No Specific Qualification
It’s nice to grasp the main marketing concepts, but do you need a degree? Probably not. Digital marketing is moving rapidly because if you start a course at the beginning of the year, there’s a fair chance a lot of things will have changed. There are plenty of great online tools, and to ensure that you don’t fall behind on a regular basis, you need to stay up to date. That being said, before you’re let loose, most employers may want to verify that you have certifications like the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) or are Google Advertising certified. Again, within your own time, you can finish these tests online. It is arguably more important to demonstrate a sincere interest in digital marketing. Personal tasks, such as creating a website, following strong social media, or running a good Etsy shop and related learning, can often count for far more than a qualification.

The 3 ‘Rs’
The basic skills taught in schools: reading, writing, and rhythm (UGH) are crucial in any career, but you need to be good in all three because your day-to-day position as a digital marketer will vary so much. The elements of reading and writing are more important than ever, especially with so much marketing now centered on content creation. Me being a part of the field and also a strong believer that if you want a career of any kind in marketing, you need to have a touch of artistic flair. If you want to reach and connect with an audience, being able to compose persuasively, insightful engagement is essential.


Harel Avraham Graf being an expert in the field has helped companies improve their marketing with his incorporation of these skills.


Technological advancement has touched every field and industry, leaving an impact that is sure to go on. Digitization has changed the whole working of industries and the ones going along with the traditional methods need a serious shift in order to remain in the market. This can be achieved with the guidance of an expert like Harel Graf who has worked as a marketing strategist in a well-reputed company. His work yielded effective sales by increasing the views on the website and reducing customer acquisition to a great percent. Increased digitization implies increased reach and thus driving the companies to more profits.

A survey conducted by GfK on behalf of Google and Postbank shows that nearly 90% of all bank customers initially search online to find the product they want.

  • An omnichannel strategy being a major factor: The versatile use of contact points along digital and traditional interfaces contributes to the rapid accumulation of useful consumer behavior and requirements knowledge. Consistent consumer knowledge and the ability to conclude contracts on all platforms contribute to greater market penetration and to bring goods closer to daily customer life by making them readily available.
  • Systematic integration: To monetize omnichannel models, the consistent implementation of digital marketing and sales processes is important. Valuable consumer communications that reflect an interest in such online services must be consistently converted into potential customers, irrespective of their preference of medium of commerce (classic or online). Just a quarter of the institutions are following a focused online marketing campaign, according to the findings of a recent Zeb survey.
  • Systematic Optimization: It is important to continuously review the data gathered during the consumer path, recognize opportunities for change and initiate continuous optimization in order to effectively execute digital marketing and sales. It is possible, for example, to recognize improvement potential in its structure, layout, and content by examining consumer flows on the website, and to dramatically increase conversion rates even by minor changes.

Being a beginner in the digital industry you might have difficulty in understanding various tools but Harel Avraham Graf can help you out by making strategies that are sure to yield effective results for the companies.


Today everything seems just a click away. Our lives have become so dependent on the internet that it feels impossible to survive without it. With so much dependency on the internet, businesses need to develop effective strategies to grow more and enhance their business by becoming more available to their customers. Thus, incorporating effective strategies into the existing marketing plans can help you grow faster.

Experts like Harel Avraham Graf with experience of more than a decade put together effective strategies and help businesses interact with the targeted customers, making a significant rise in sales.


Customers have now become habitual to communicating with their brand or company and connecting with them. All time availability is yet another factor to it. When we compare it with conventional marketing outlets, digital marketing is without a doubt more accessible. Plus, to produce the unforgettable brand logo a web emblem designer with all the fonts, several different emblem designs that are completely customizable without the big price tag.

Benefits of online marketing:

  • Digital marketing is a way to increase brand awareness and reach a maximum audience by also providing better ROI.
  • Enables real-time customer services.
  • Helps in saving money, if you are engaged in a small-scale business because you can adopt cheap digital tools to market your services or product.
  • Digital Marketing enables a clear line of contact between your company and your client, allowing you to prepare trustworthy fans for your own audience.
  • With digital marketing, you can make sure that the content is consumed by the right customers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps you to meet all customers who are looking for content and topics related to your company on the internet.

Knowing your exact targets Harel Avraham Graf develops strategies for businesses by taking into account necessary tools like social media and others according to your business. With the right plans, there is no way that your company will not progress.


With the growing years as we can see every industry is rapidly changing its pace. The entry of digital mode in every sector has changed the view and approach of dealing with various industries.

Harel Graf is an expert in online marketing who has built up an international personality in the field of online marketing. His abilities and skills in the field are remarkable as he has helped companies to achieve their goals in minimum time and effective strategies. Exploring various keys in the field of digital marketing success can be achieved with great results.

The concept of a modern business concept
  • Landing Pages: It’s not about the quantity of landing pages. Whether they be 10 or 30 some believe that it helps in driving traffic if the pages are more. But I do not believe this as the more focus should be on factors like: Are the pages User-friendly, Mobile-friendly, Create immediacy, Ask for Sale, and Give a reason to Buy to the customers.
  • Web Design: A user must have a great experience while scrolling through your webpage. It is one main factor in the success of your business. The website should provide you with all the information that a customer is looking for to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Mobile Advertising: Customers are constantly using their mobile devices as part of their method of shopping and decision-making. Think about a homepage redesign to not only adjust seamlessly to different screen sizes but to think about what data shoppers are looking for when they go to your site. Information such as phone number, events, address, or menu.
  • Email Marketing: Do not underestimate email marketing, which still surpasses most other methods for online marketing and also beats some offline marketing. 2 similar techniques are involved in email marketing; building your list and generating email messages that convert. You can build up a customer relationship with emails and know about their experience.

Harel Graf upgrades his technologies according to the need of every business and develops plans accordingly. He incorporates all the latest trends in his plans and works best for his clients.


Nothing can be more important than implementing a cohesive marketing strategy for the success of any business. If you look to maximize your profits and attract more traffic to avail for your services it is important to consult a marketing strategist like Harel Avraham Graf who worked as a marketing strategist in one leading company making it worthy for them to turn around their sales by an increasing number of views on the website and reduce the cost of customer acquisitions. Some even today are going with the traditional approach of marketing which obviously cannot give results as progressive as the ones who have adopted the digital methods to bring in the traffic and communicate with the clients in order to develop a better understanding between the two.


While you look to change your strategies to a more advanced one it is important to pick the staff possessing a variety of abilities and skills.

Here are some points that should be kept in mind while making plans:

  • Look into your current marketing strategy: It is important that you evaluate the effects of your current marketing attempts before you embark on developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy. Via quantitative methods of analysis, this should be achieved. Via rigorous assessments that will show you a quantifiable number of people who have participated in your campaign, you can evaluate the results of your marketing campaigns. Further, you can then change or include new methods that you feel were missing in previous strategies.

  • Ensure potential traffic for your landing pages: When designing a suitable digital marketing plan, you need to remember where the traffic from online advertising and social media promotions leads to. One of the greatest drawbacks in convincing and carefully curated digital marketing strategies is that new users are inundated with the page that an advertisement leads to, and the web host does not accept the number of new visitors to your website. The best way to deal with it is by carefully measuring preventive strategies.

Knowing all ins and outs of marketing Harel Avraham Graf develops marketing strategies that not only prove beneficial for current times but also to future needs of an organization.